2017 Speakers

Denise Ocampo

Denise Ocampo is a senior at Maui High who loves her school (for real). Throughout all the hardships, she has had the luxury of having encouraging friends & staff at MHS. Denise believes in trying her very best, in no matter what she’s doing, which is a lot. Denise participates in plenty extracurriculars at Maui High School, such as marching band, symphonic band, HOSA, Best Buddies, and more. Her favorite memory is on January 2nd, 2015, enjoying an entire day of Disneyland with her friends after the marching the 126th Rose Parade in 2015! Also, if you ever want to talk about Biology, Psychology, Literature, Calculus, Statistics, Music, or something of that sort, talk to Denise, because that’s just her thing. Denise also loves cats, playing the 2nd bass drum in the marching band, soft blankets, and the Legend of Zelda. One day, you might find Denise as a cardiothoracic surgeon. Or maybe just a cardiologist, because she’s kind of scared of sharp things. We’ll see if she can handle it.

Luan Doster

Luan is a sociable twelfth grader at Haleakala Waldorf High School with a passion for creativity. She is known for her artistic talents, her legendary puns, her love for animals and nature, and for her passion for biology and everything else that involves science. She is incredibly involved with her community and she hopes to make an impact on the minds and the world around her. As a pioneering student at the Waldorf High School, Luan does her best to help shine a light on issues requiring global and community consciousness in our modern world (and she loves to rant about them as well). Outrigger paddling and surfing are her sports of choice, she plays guitar and piano (occasionally) and sings (mostly in the shower). She is outgoing and adventurous, has a fascination with the human brain, and loves food. Luan is usually quite friendly, though mornings are not her most graceful hours, and she loves to have meaningful conversations and engage in deep philosophical inquiries. Despite her frequent lack of free time (as senior year is quite the commitment), Luan enjoys volunteering with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, helping to protect the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles we know and love. Next year, she will be attending a liberal arts college on the West Coast where she will study a rich interdisciplinary curriculum and major in human biology and neuroscience.

Gita Tucker

Gita Tucker is a self-described introvert who loves learning new things. She moved from Seattle to Maui at the age of six, although traces of her home city can be seen in her grunge apparel and love for rainy weather. Gita is a junior at Haleakala Waldorf High School and is a part of her school’s Social Acceptance Club, Journalism Club, and surf team. She enjoys nothing more in life than creating art and discussing politics with passionate, opinionated humans. You can usually find her in a corner scribbling in a sketchbook or enthusiastically voicing her opinions on almost any topic. Gita’s aspiration in life is to help people by bringing about change in the world, and her goal in life is to find the most effective way that she can do that do that.

Kaya Spencer Frith

I am a seventeen year old senior in high school. Most of my spare time is spent writing (stories, poetry, essays, journals), drawing, painting, exploring, and reading (I am currently an Isabel Allende fanatic but have found equal fascination with the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Derek Walcott, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche – to name a few). I love film and photography (my obsession began when I watched The Mission, and continues in profound or ridiculously quirky films (1,000 Times Goodnight, Moonrise Kingdom)). An aspiration of mine is to become well traveled and to become fluent in as many languages as possible. I want to communicate, to listen, to find new perspectives. I am equally obsessed with the art of fashion and with the chaotic political issues that are prominent on the world stage. Jamaica is my place of origin, Maui is home at the moment. I am an advocate for equality, peace, and justice. In the future, I hope to be found doing something useful.

Daniel Ornelas

Daniel Ornelas is a senior at Maui Preparatory Academy, and is also a motivational speaker in the making! He loves listening to music in spanish (which he can’t even begin to understand), and never hesitates in helping others. Danny is an administrative member of the Hawai’i Leaders Core, an organization dedicated to empowering Hawai’i’s youth. Danny’s dream is to continue travelling the world, spreading his main message that he’s learned from living an adverse life.