The Team


  • Jasmine Doan – Founder and Program Director
Jasmine Doan is a junior at Seabury Hall who enjoys organizing events and projects. She is very involved at Seabury Hall and in the Maui community. Some of her interests include working with children, studying mathematics, and learning about new technology.

Design TeamDesign Team

  • Kawehi Atai – Director of Design
Kawehi Atai is a sophomore at Lahainaluna High School. Currently, a student of graphic design, she is considering a career in this field of work. She is a hardworking and motivated student that strives to do well academically while trying to incorporate art wherever possible. In her free time, she enjoys sketching, designing tattoos, browsing the web, and hanging out with my cat. Don’t let her wacky appearance or colored hair fool you, she is a friendly and easygoing person that loves to be creative every chance she gets.
  • Dylan Berzabal
Dylan Berzabal, a member of the design team, is a sophomore attending Lahainaluna High School. He plans to pursue a career in graphic design in the future. While graphic design is his main focus, he is also interested in computer programming, architecture, photography, and film.
  • Jasmyn Swangel
Jasmyn Swangel is a sophomore at Lahainaluna High School. She is a member of the design team for TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall, and is currently a Graphics I student. As far as extracurricular activities go, she is a programmer for Lahainaluna’s robotics team. In the future, she plans to get a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and one day become a programmer for video game companies.


Registration TeamRegistration Team

  • Ava Shipman – Director of Volunteers and Registration
Ava Shipman is a freshman at Seabury Hall and the volunteer organizer for the TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall event. She is a dedicated worker who loves to make a difference. She ran cross country for Seabury and helped them win first in DII states. She is very excited to have this opportunity to help Maui youth get their inspiring ideas out into the world.
  • Ella Connor
  • Lilia Davis
  • Jaelyn Domingo
  • Lily Katz
  • Brynn Kubo
  • Darby Mulligan
  • Sara Mutzenburg
  • Peyton Thomas
  • Devyn Yarbrough


Event Planning TeamEvent Planning Team

  • Sarah Eger – Director of Event Planning
Sarah Eger is junior at Seabury Hall and also serves as the junior class president. As president, she focuses on fundraising for class events and on the aspects of the upcoming Senior Luau this year. This is her second year as president and she enjoys working her classmates very much. Additionally, she is the co-leader of Seabury’s KHAKO meal program and goes to the Lahaina and Wailuku shelters after school on Fridays to prepare meals. In the future, she plans on going into the field of neurology.
  • Leilani Grace Clark
  • Rika Inaba
  • Nicolas Ramirez
  • Tyler “Scout” Weymouth


Sustainability Team

  • Sophie Janssen – Director of Sustainability
Sophie Janssen is junior at Seabury Hall. She is an active volleyball player and leader of Earth Friends, an environmental club at Seabury Hall. She has been captain of the varsity volleyball team for 2 years, and a member of the judiciary committee.
  • Elle Carvalho
  • Jessica Haylor
  • Savannah Janssen
  • Makena Janssen

Food and Parking TeamFood and Parking Team

  • Corin Nishimoto – Director of Food and Parkings
Corin Nishimoto is an 11th grade student at Seabury Hall. He is an active member of the community as a Boy Scout. He is also a member of the Seabury Varsity Cross Country and Tennis teams, and is working toward getting a black belt in Aikido.
  • Cameron Burch
  • Jaccie Hisashima
  • Mealani Nako
  • Angela Yasutomi

Finance Team

  • Isabella Jorgensen – Director of Finance
Isabella Jorgensen is currently a senior at Seabury Hall. She is headed to American University in Washington D.C next fall to study International Relations. Currently, she is the director of finance for TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall and is the president of Seabury’s Interact club.
  • Sophie Jorgensen

Production TeamProduction Team

  • Kainoa Reponte – Director of Production
Kainoa Reponte is a junior at Lahainaluna High School. He takes photos on his website and has been on the state-wide TV show, Hiki No. He hopes to attend USC for college. A fun fact about Kainoa is that he likes One Direction and the 1975.
  • Sophia Fredy
  • Maya Grimm
  • Jacob Harris
  • Logan King
  • Reef Randall

Stage TeamStage Team

  • Kalan Birnie – Director of Stage
Kalan Birnie is a 15 year-old freshman at Seabury Hall. Prior to attending Seabury Hall, Kalan attended Kamehameha Schools Maui for 9 years. Kalan also plays volleyball and basketball for Seabury. Kalan’s previous experience with stage production includes two plays, multiple classes, and years of advanced video production.
  • Owen Meadows
  • David Shiraki
  • Takayoshi Tsutsui

Communication TeamCommunications Team

  • Jacob Alabab-Moser – Director of Communications
Jacob is a sophomore at Seabury Hall who is involved in student council as a class representative, tutors middle school students in Spanish, and is a part of the Seabury Hall Dance Ensemble. He also loves photography and travelling and aspires to one day become a diplomat. Although this is his first time helping coordinate a large event, Jacob is excited to work hard to make it a success for Maui’s teenagers!
  • Jessica Brown – Storyteller
Jessica Brown is an 11th grade student at Seabury Hall. She is passionate about writing and hopes to publish her science fiction and fantasy novels in the future. She joined TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall in January and is the blog’s writer. She writes for the school paper and her favorite subject is English. In her free time she is either golfing for Seabury, working on her novels, playing video games, or spending time with her friends and family. She wants to study Creative Writing and Journalism in college and travel the world.
  • Isabella Blair – Webmaster
Isabella Blair is currently an eighth grader at Lokelani Intermediate. She is on the TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall core planning team and the Social Media team, but her primary role is Website Coordinator. Isabella is actively involved in the community by volunteering with the MEO Head Start program, Maui County Ag Fest and her schools leadership program.

Photography TeamPhotography Team

  • Manelle Botuyan – Director of Photography
Manelle Botuyan is a junior at Baldwin High School. She has a deep love for photography and would like to have a career in wedding photography when she grows up. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga and staying fit.
  • Mady Guzman
Mady Guzman is currently a junior at H.P. Baldwin High School. She is a Historian for two clubs and loves design. After she graduates high school, she plans to go to San Diego State University to study Graphic Design.
  • Kiana Smith
Kiana Smith is a junior at Seabury Hall who hopes to major in human biology and minor in chemistry and photography in college. She is also hopes to run competitively at the collegiate level in both cross-country and track and field. She is very active in clubs and her community as she takes her camera out for every kind of event: The Maui News, Best Buddies, Art with Heart, and her school’s yearbook class. She is also the head editor of the yearbook and the captain of both the girls cross-country and track & field teams.
  • Teak McAfee

Speaker TeamSpeaker Team

  • Natasha Salamack – Director of Speakers
Natasha Salamack is a junior at Seabury Hall who hopes to get MBA in international business and work in throughout Asia. Natasha is very passionate about environment conservation and world peace. She has spoken at various events such as the United Nations 65th anniversary, and the Okinawa NGO Asia-Pacific Environmental Forum. Natasha is also very involved in the Maui community. Her activities include: PAAC, Kids Helping Kids, Best Buddies, Camp Imua, and working with companies in South Korea and Japan.
  • Maya Okamura

Student Representative Team

  • Shaina Hipolito – Director of Student Representatives
Shaina Hipolito was born and raised on Maui, living and learning off the land. She was brought up in the country learning how to fish, dive, and farm by my father and older brother. She is currently the senior class president at Kamehameha Schools Maui, and has been involved in student government since the 5th grade. She spends most of her free time either at the beach or at the golf course.
  • Kamanaopono Bednorz
  • Vivian Ho
  • Paige Pasion


Advisory Board

Katie m

Katie McMillan 

Event Planning and Finance Advisor.

sarah t

Sara Tekula

Communications and Film Advisor.

peter l

Peter Liu 

Communications Advisor.


Annette Lynch

Speaker Trainer


Linda Lindsay

General Advisor


Nancy Young

Design Advisor


Kathleen Buenger

Finance Advisor


Todd Van Amburgh

Stage Advisor

jessica Pearl

Jessica Pearl

Photography Advisor


Kat Tracy

Production Advisor