Videos from TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall 2014 on Youtube

It has been more than a month since our inaugural event, but the celebration is not over yet! Just recently were all of our videos of Talks uploaded onto the TEDxYouth Youtube channel. Attendee or not, watching the Talks provides the same inspiration and empowerment that fueled the room on event day.

For example, McKayla Wandell in her Talk used her own life experiences to justify that statistics should not constrain a person from achieving their dreams. She says, “All of these great people believed in themselves, not in the statistics that told them what they should’ve been. And that’s my challenge for you today.”


We would like to thank our Production Team and its advisors for filming and editing such stunning footage of our speakers! All twelve Talks can now be accessed on our TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall Talks 2014 Youtube playlist here.  Grab some popcorn and watch them today!

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