Thomas Hayashi

All Thomas Hayashi needs to do to get the audience going is to simply step on stage. Hayashi is undeniably an individual, and the topic of his talk is individuality.

William Summers

We have all taken a history class at some point, and many of us have most likely questioned the point of learning about the past. William Summers is a junior at Baldwin High School, and loves learning about history. He talks about how we can make history more interesting and discusses its importance.

Matthew Thomas Sturm

Levitation, many think it to be impossible. But Matthew Thomas Sturm demonstrates how it is not only possible, but achievable. By using his model of a Maglev Train, Sturm makes a complicated idea understandable and entertaining, all the while illustrating its importance.

McKayla Wandell

It is easy to create stereotypes, but difficult to break them. Or is it? As an avid member of the Hawaii Meth project, Baldwin High junior McKayla Wandell will talk about how stereotypes are meaningless if we choose not to follow them.

Aaron Rohozinski

We live in a world of seven billion people, and to come up with an original thought out of all those minds seems impossible. Yet, Aaron Rohozinski uses his scientific knowledge to convince us that originality is possible, and can be achieved if we simply follow our instincts.

James Hill

TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall’s youngest speaker is passionate about nature and preserving the ʻāina (land). James Hill, better known as J.P. has been a member of several projects to protect land from development. His talk discusses the importance of protecting the land through using his own experiences.

Rosemary Dawn Kulhavy-Sutherland

Life is not perfect. This is a fact that people understand, but cannot accept. Rosemary Dawn Kulhavy-Sutherland is a King Kekaulike High School student, and not only accepts that fact, but values it. She uses her relatable experiences to explain that it is okay to be imperfect, and that it is a vital part of being human.

Anna Ezzy

Anna Ezzy became interested in orangutans at a young age and was horrified to discover that they are endangered species. Many of us think that we have more important issues to face than protecting orangutans, but this passionate student proves this to be quite the contrary.

Rui Li-Inge

Bullying is a “hot topic” in today’s world, and people are constantly looking for ways to erase one of the country’s biggest plagues. Many are put-down by bullying, but Rui Li-Inge uses her own personal experiences to show that being different is, not a weakness, but a strength.

Quinn Shiraishi

Think about someone you consider to be a hero. To you they may seem to have superhuman abilities or a special quality that makes them special. But what if I said that you have the potential to be a hero? Quinn Shiraishi is a freshman at Kamehameha School, and in this talk, she will discuss how you do not need to have super powers to be a hero.

David Cabañero

In a world where everyone is fighting for equal rights, one student from Baldwin High School gives a plan to promote equality that just might work. Junior David Cabañero will discuss how the world can become a more accepting place.

Zeb Mehring

We have all grown up hearing stories, from Jack and the Beanstalk to Harry Potter to Hamlet. Because they are so commonplace in society, many of us take them for granted. Seabury Hall Junior Zeb Mehring will discuss the value of literature in culture and how it can affect us from an early age.